Spirit FM Unlocked

Date Mon, January 20 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve written a review for an app. Why don’t I change that up?

Honestly, I haven’t discovered many apps that I’ve loved. This is partly due to the fact that I’d rather have a new phone.  Unlocking it a few months ago certainly prolonged its life. It also gave me access to the FM radi transmitter that’s built into the phone. For whatever reason — it probably has to do with money — VirginMobile didn’t let me access this hardware. It’s weird because HTC has its own radio app.. which I couldn’t install before rooting.

Spirit FM Unlimited

Spirit FM Unlimited

Indeed, I used the HTC app for some time before discovering Spirit FM. Let me state that this FM radio app works with your existing hardware. If you have no FM radio, Spirit FM won’t help. You’ll have to rely on Pandora or TuneIn or some other app to get music. Another caveat: this isn’t a free app. Access costs $10. This is a little expensive in my opinion, but what the app does it worth paying.

Like you’d expect, you can scan and save local radio stations.  One thing I like is that you can save a dozen or so stations and view them right on the screen without having to go back a screen, which you have to do with HTC’s radio app. You can skip through saved stations or move through the actual frequency, too.  All the buttons are right there.

Plus, you can create different station sets. This is ideal if you like to listen to a couple stations at work and others at home that might not be safe for work. Or if you travel. Simply change the set to the saved stations that work well where you are currently.

 Spirit FM shows you the strength of the station as well as information for the current track and artist. This information will only be correct if the station broadcasts it digitally, however. This information will show up in the status bar is available, too.

This radio app might seem a little busy for some people but it means you an access everything you want right away. When opening the app, your headphones must already be plugged in. Every once in a while, it gets stuck on the “waiting” screen so I pull the plug and re-insert it. Before you close the app, make sure to hit the power button.

Before I end this, I do want to take time to discuss one odd experience I’ve had. Twice, the app has completely frozen my phone and I’ve had to restart. This is beyond aggravating. However, I like the interface so much better than HTC’s that I’m willing to live with it.

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