Spring is in the Air!

Date Wed, April 13 2011

Thanks to BzzAgent and SC Johnson, I received a whole box of Spring cleaning goodies. The timing couldn’t be better, right?

Crisp Waters Plugins Scented Oil

Crisp Waters Plugins Scented Oil

SC Johnson is a manufacturer with which I am quite familiar. I have used some of their products for years, I’ve tried others and I know of many even though I’ve never personally used them. I am probably most familiar with their Glade products as I have used their plug-ins for years and if they ever stop making the Hawaiian breeze scent, I will probably die. DIE!

The good news is I probably wouldn’t die because I actually like the Crisp Waters scent that I received to try and spread word about. It’s floral with a subtle fruity undertone. I know that’s a generic description but I’m not familiar with floral scents to be any more specific. It’s pretty strong so I’ve had my plug-ins set on low for the most part. Because the weather’s been so nice, I’ve had my bathroom window open and when I closed it, the scent seems to be even stronger. In fact, I haven’t switched the old freshener in my room because it’s so strong.

Although it won’t replace my love for the Hawaiian Breeze scent (and I do mean LOVE!), I’d buy Crisp Waters for use in the living room–which I try to switch up every month or so.

Unfortunately, I’m not feeling so benevolent toward Glade’s limited edition Sparkle of Spring candle. My mom had purchased some of the holiday scents so I was familiar with the jar candles and, if you’re not the candle type, Sparkle of Spring and Bring on the Blossoms (which are both limited editions) are available as room sprays, oil candles and plugins scented oils, too.

Glade Sparkle of Spring Candle

Glade Sparkle of Spring Candle

I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t have picked Sparkle of Spring. The description states it’s a mixture of lime, ginger and vanilla and I’m not really a fan or lime. Or bright green, really. Still, the candle is so bright that it reminds me of Spring and makes me feel refreshed. The label is bright green with hints of red and yellow but peels off easily enough, so you have a plain, glass jar (if you don’t want folks to know you’re burning a Glade candle. Whatever, that’s lame). Bring on the Blossoms features similar art in reds and greens so you can mix and match the candles.

I’ve actually burned the candle to its end and have to point out that, as it burned down, the scent slowly faded and became replaced with something much more soapy and waxy. I rather don’t like generic soapy and waxy scent but perhaps the lime contributes to that as so many cleaning products are lime scented. Like I said, lime isn’t my thing and, at first, I didn’t mind it. The undertones of vanilla were pleasant enough. Nevertheless, ginger didn’t really make an appearance as far as I can tell. I probably would have better enjoyed Bring on the Blossoms. I also don’t think I got 22 hours of burn time with this candle but it definitely lasted longer than a votive.

While the candle burned pretty evenly, it seems to end sooner than one would expect. There’s a bout one half of a centimeter of wax left but the wick just won’t hold a flame. It feels a little wasteful. As does the glass container. I always have this problem when I’m done with candles, though. Do I force myself to reuse the jar or just recycle it? I can reuse it for a votive but I’ll probably wind up taking it out with the co-mingles.

Of course, SC Johnson sent me a few more items so my house will be and smell clean. Look for those reviews and a giveaway soon!

Thanks to BzzAgent and SC Johnson for this opportunity!

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