Spring Naturals Minced Entrees

Date Wed, March 11 2015

If there’s one thing my kitty boys love, it’s wet cat food. It’s not something that I buy on a regular basis as I prefer to feed them dry food. However, they come running as soon as I open a can. Even when I open soup, they perk their ears in hopes that I’m going to provide them with a meaty treat.

Phantom aways Grain Free Minced Salmon & Liver

Phantom awaits Grain Free Minced Salmon & Liver

In fact, they’ll eat wet food regardless of flavor or brand. They’ve never turned up their noses, and it was no difference with Spring Naturals Minced Entrees. Now, my boys may not be picky, but it’s important that what they’re eating is something I find acceptable!

I like that Spring Naturals uses real meat and not meal or a bunch of corn or wheat as the base. In fact, most of their recipes have over 95% meat, which sure beat out processed corn and such that makes up the bulk of some pet food. I could definitely smell it when my cats were busy licking their chops!

The other ingredients in the salmon entree are sources of protein such as chickpeas and eggs, which is good because kitties need a lot of protein! This recipe contains 9% raw protein.

Spring Naturals minced entrees are also devoid of products that many humans avoid, so why would we give these to our pets?

  • Gluten
  • Artificial flavors and colors
  • By-products
  • Corn
  • Soy

Now, the cans I received were just 3 ounces, which is a bit small. You’re supposed to feed cats 3 times per if they’re 6 to 8 pounds. This is great for Phantom, who falls in that range. Goliath is a bigger cat, however. He would need six cans per day based on his weight. While this is nutritious food, that would certainly require a lot of feeding.

You can buy the cans in larger 5.5 ounces, which is more convenient for me with a larger cat. The difference is simply in the size of the can. For larger animals, a larger can is going to be more economical. Obviously, kittens and smaller kitties would do better with the smaller can.

Amazon sells Spring Naturals cat dinners; although natural means the price is a bit higher than you might be used to paying for wet food. You can also find Spring Naturals by the case at some retailers. It seems like it’s easier to find these products online at retailers like Chewy, but you can look up a local retailer, too.

If you’re interested in Spring Naturals, the company offers wet and dry dinners for dogs in addition to dry cat food.

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