Stability Hosting (Web Hosting) Review

Date Fri, June 27 2014

I don’t want to write this post, but here I am. And maybe I should have written it earlier.

Earlier this year, I switched hosts because I was quickly running out of space. I ultimately opted for a plan with Stability Hosting — 10 gigabytes of space was a vast improvement and I paid only about 60 for the year. It was the first time I prepaid for hosting despite having used previous hosts for years at a time. It might very well be the last time I do it after my experience.

Moving went well with a few issues due to permissions. I went back and forth with tech support who suggested a few fixes. I eventually found a way to fix it. Otherwise,  I wouldn’t be able to upload photos to any of my blogs.

LOL Nope!

LOL Nope!

For months, I experienced no issues until I began to experience sluggish performance, occasional downtime, database errors and many issues when it came to adding new files. After about a dozen trouble tickets, the issues would each be temporarily resolved. Typically, it seems like restarting the server has been the “solution.” On more than one occasion, disk space seemed to be an issue on the server. Now, I’m using far less than my allotted space, and I maybe add 1 megabyte a day — if that. However, I frequently run into issues adding photos or updating plugins, which is a big no-no when you’re blogging at least once per day.

I have to say that tech support has responded quickly, but sometimes these hiccups seem to resolve themselves so the reply I get is “I see nothing wrong on my end.” This is frustrating. I have also gotten to the point of calling my hosting company, which I never do. For about a week, I would experience downtime or database errors around the same time — between 1 and 4 AM CST. This also happens to be the time when I tend to be awake and writing. Wonderful.

At this point, I will likely be moving to a new host either way but my repeated requests for a partial refund for the time I won’t be using this hosting, the people at Stability Hosting, which has proven to be anything but stable — refuse to issue me a credit because they can’t seem to locate the downtime. But I’ve noticed. I’ve caled. Jenn has noticed. She commented about it on May 20th. Obviously, things got better — or I got busier — for a period of time, but the problems are down. I’ve already contacted Stability Hosting 3 times this week!

I would love to be vocal on social media but aside from a paltry Facebook page that hasn’t been updated for months and doesn’t allow public commenting, there’s no place to do this. I can tag them on my personal Facebook timeline (which is private anyway). In fact, I made a public post for the sake of not allowing anyone else to fall victim.

For whatever reason, there’s really no positive or negative reviews of Stability Hosting. It seems likely that the company is just too small — I’ve never been able to speak to anyone else about these issues — to get much flack. I can’t imagine they’re policing the Internet judging by the tumbleweeds on their Facebook page.

Anyway, this is also the reason Reviews by Cole and my personal domain have gone down several times over the last few weeks. I would guess it’s why my site seems slow so often. It’s the cause of database errors.

I apologize to you, my readers, but I also stand firm that this is not my fault and it’s something that any decent hosting company would have permanently fixed months ago.

In other news, I will soon be moving.

Edited to add:

Just 2 days after I posted this, I experienced almost 24 hours of downtime.  Read my Facebook post for more information:

On Friday I wrote a frustrated blog post about how my host,, wouldn’t let me out of my contract. I had prepaid for a year, but about 3 months in, I started experiencing outages, issues disk space, database errors and general sluggishness.

For month, I’ve had to contact them at least once a week. Their solution was always restarting the server. There has not been an apology. Rarely was there any sort of explanation. It’s happening for months. Obviously, no solution.

I was going on a two-week (GASP!) winning streak. No downtime as far as I could see. I could upload photos to my blog. Then, more space issues. I have now contacted support 4 times this week.

I have asked for my money back twice. They said “No” both times. They said that these issues weren’t against terms of service. I needed to report 8 hours of downtime.

Yesterday I headed out of town for a quick trip. I returned to find my sites were down. I sent a message to their support, then checked Google Analytics. According to GA, it’s been down since at least 5 PM last night. That’s almost 24 hours.

What have they been doing? Not monitoring it at all? I have received no reply in almost an hour; although, some have reported by site has been up. I saw it for a second. Then, it disappeared.

I am beyond frustrated. This means you can’t view my blog. Neither can I edit anything on Reviews by Cole, Her Realm or Lyrical Musings. I have already purchased replacement hosting from a trusted name for less money and more features. But I can’t download any of the files that I don’t have currently backed up (actually! my backups don’t work because of this host, ha!) to do the transfer.

So you’ll have to be patient with me please. This is truly out of my control and as frustrating for you as it is me.

Here’s how you can help:

Share this message to anyone you know who might own websites or be considering , INC.

Visit often and share Reviews by Cole with your friends once the site’s back up. This outage can really hurt my numbers, which means less interesting reviews and opportunities for you, my reader. And I don’t get to do the things I love.

If you’re take the time to read, share of comment, thank you!

4 Responses

  1. Charity L. June 27 2014 @ 8:49 pm

    Interesting that they don’t care more. Thanks for the heads up though on their service.

  2. Brandy Gilbert Toenges June 28 2014 @ 8:29 am

    Maybe that is why I choose to stay where I am at. I dont think I could handle all that stress right now.

  3. Jenn June 28 2014 @ 11:51 am

    Let me know who you have in mind for a potential host. I am currently with PureSpeed Hosting, and at first things were fantastic… but I’ve had a lot of White Pages of Death on the backend, and while I don’t think things are whiting out on the frontend, the backend slowness is very frustrating. I’ve contacted PureSpeed about this issue twice, but like Stability Hosting, I get the same canned response: “everything is fine on our end!”


  4. Cole June 29 2014 @ 5:31 pm

    Do you think your issue could be one with Jetpack?

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