Stayclear Daily Face Wash

Date Fri, November 14 2008

I have mixed feelings about Clearasil’s Stayclear Daily Face Wash. A few years agog all Clearasil products had a face lift and I found a product which I really like. They don’t make the product anymore and it appears that this is the product which replaced it. Because I liked the old version so much, I was eager to try this. However, no matter how much I like it, it just isn’t the same.

Stayclear Daily Face wash is wonderfully creamy. I like the feel of it on my face but my skin does not feel as clean and taught with this face wash as with others. It has an interesting scent which smells slightly herbal. At other times it almost smells like chocolate mint. I just can’t seem to peg what this smells like.

My skin feels awfully oily after using this face wash. However, I don’t think it is because it isn’t controlling the oil. Rather, it seems like this is drying my skin so badly that it is producing more oil.

I started using Stayclear Daily Face Wash and went back to my old cleanser after about a week. Eventually, I went back to Stayclear to see if there would be any change. Both times, my skin was initially fine and without break outs. However, after a week or two, my skin felt extremely greasy and I was breaking out in those tiny, painful pimples. After this stage, my skin felt consistently greasy.

I’m not sure why this product does not have consistent results. In the beginning, it appears to be a good product but then it goes downhill from there. It is really disappointing because, as I mentioned, Clearasil used to make a cleanser which I preferred over all other cleansers.

After I finish with this tube, I will not be using Stayclear Daily Face Wash again.

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