Studio Gear CC Cream

Date Mon, January 6 2014


If you’ve read any of the reviews I wrote about the slew of BB creams and CC creams that I’ve tried, you know that I haven’t been impressed with anything made in the USA. It seems that sometimes you really do want products from across the ocean. However, I have a surprise! I like this product!

I received a small sample tube of Studio Gear CC Cream in exchange for a survey, and I’m glad that I participated. although I’ve been using it for a couple weeks, I still have plenty of product left, and I would definitely consider purchasing more.

So here’s the perks:

  • SPF 20
  • Pigmentation
  • Hydration
  • Smoothing/evening
  • Hiding of wrinkles/fine lines

Of course, I have incredibly youthful skin so I’ll probably have to worry about wrinkles after I die. However, I’m always looking for SPF, hydration and coverage in one.

The CC Cream is definitely a medium coverage but moreso than any of the BB creams I’ve tried from American companies. Like the SKin79, it starts out rather ashy. You cannot compare the actual liquid to your skin. It’s only after you rub it in and oxidation occurs that changes color. This really helps me to see how much coverage there is. I usually do a spot on my cheekbones, chin and forehead then blend it in. Blending is incredibly easy, too. There’s no terrible lines.

studio gear cc cream

studio gear cc cream

I tried to get a photo that explains how it looks immediately out of the tube and as it changes colors. It looks weird, but it’s cool.

The coverage isn’t perfect but it does even out my skin tone. This is especially true if I top it off with my normal powder.  This is probably just a bit warmer and deeper than my skin tone, which is great for combating redness. I actually got mine in “Natural,” which is one of three shades. The product is definitely not going to match every skin tone, however. I would advise you to stop in at your nearest ULTA to see if you can try a sample on your skin.

I like how this feels lightweight and provides enough moisture, even in our dry winters. We’ve got a high in the negatives tomorrow. Terrible, right? I have no dry skin. This doesn’t make me break out either. However, I did swap it out for my Proactive Moisturizers when my cycle caused my to break out a bit.  If I know I’m going to put on foundation, I’ll just use a regular moisturizer but this definitely makes me feel more comfortable in my skin if I’m going for a like makeup look.


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