Suave Body Wash, Wild Cherry Blossom

Date Wed, August 19 2009

wildcherryblossomFor some reason, I wind up buying Suave’s body washes quite a bit. I guess they just make a few scents and I like options so it works well. I really enjoy the scent of Wild Cherry Blossom which is definitely more flower than fruity and easily fills the entire bathroom when I shower. However, it’s not too overpowering. The colour is also a little odd as it’s a sort of pinkish orange or porange, if you will.

Like other Suave bodywashes, it comes in a big 12oz bottle (I actually got one of those bottles with a few extra ounces) and it lathers super easily. It lathers super, super well and I am constantly having to remind myself not to use so much because of that. It’s a little difficult because the weight of the body wash really forces out more gel than I want it to. It would be nice to have this in a pump bottle or with a smaller nozzle.

Still, at far as affordable priced body washes go, Suave knows what they’re doing and the Wild Cherry Blossom bodywash is another hit, just like their Sweet Pea and Violet body wash.

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  1. Dez October 5 2009 @ 9:22 pm

    I have the same problem with using too much body wash. The Cherry Blossom was a little to flowery for my tastes, but I love their coconut lime wash.

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