Sugar Glow Body Wash

Date Mon, May 25 2009

Tone‘s sugar Glow Body Wash is.. interesting. It’s definitely fruity – although I prefer the scent of the product in the bottle as opposed to on me – and will leave your bathroom smelling the same after your shower time. It’s also long lasting; I’ve had mine since March, at least and there’s still a bit more. It’s an exfoliating body wash, meant to wash away dull, dry sin to renew younger, glowing skin. To achieve this, it contains sugar as opposed to nut shells or pumice or apricot or even chemical toners like other washes. And I can’t say my skin isn’t soft but I do think other products have done a better job without being quite so annoying. The element of sugar is unique and while it seems to work, I have an awfully difficult time rinsing it from my skin. Perhaps there’s simpyl too mush in the body wash but a decent portion never seems to dissolve so I have to brush the sugar off my skin before leaving the shower. I’d really rather not have to think “Gee, are their little sugar particles on my skin?” before I leave the shower. Shower time is time to unwind and relax, not be annoyed which is exactly while I’ll pass on this product the next time I’m browsing the body wash market.

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