SuperCat Plush Toys

Date Tue, July 15 2014
Supercat plush toys

Supercat plush toys

The other week, my boys received an awesome surprise in the mail — Supercat plush toys complete with catnip spray to keep the cats going crazy over them.

I received the duo of bird shapes.

They are freakin’ a-dor-able.


Yea, I went there.

The toys are a little bigger than what I usually buy for my cats. I expected that Goliath would go crazy over them, so you can’t believe my surprise when Phantom was the one going crazy over these plush toys. In fact, I accidentally sprayed some of the catnip on my hand, and Phantom nearly molested it right off.

If you followed my photos on Facebook, you saw that Goliath liked the toys, too, and eventually took them over.

These toys aren’t just soft. They have the crinkly material in the center.

The cats really like them immediately after I spray them with catnip. To be honest, they haven’t replaced the ratty (pun intended) old mice that Goliath usually fetches. They might be a little big for his mouth to fetch, I think.

But if your cats like toys this size — between 3 and 4 inches long — they might loves these. I think kittens would enjoy them.

One thing I would say is that you might want to cut the tags off. Thy’re two on each, and as you can see from my photos, they’re pretty big.

As it is, I definitely plan to spritz these with the catnip and toss them at the cats. The tiny bottle of catnip isn’t going to last very long, however. I sprayed the toys 2 times each, and it already seems to be running out.

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