Surprisingly Delicious!

Date Thu, September 25 2008

Sometimes, you see some sort of food product and, against your better judgment, decide to try it. Sometimes, those products are better than you imagined, surprisingly so!

One example of this are the precooked, microwaveable Compleats by Hormel. Although the idea of a complete meal sitting in a plastic tray on a shelf for God-knows-how-long in a store isn’t exactly appetizing, the strong flavour of some of their meals are.

I recently had the Beef Steak Tips which comes complete with mashed potatoes. Although a bit dubious, I know I’ve had other beef tips in gravy that I really enjoyed so I thought I’d give this product a try.

I’m glad I did because it was amazingly delicious. The meat and gravy were lick-your-plate-clean good and tasted just like fresh beef tips. It was exactly the taste I expected.

On the other hand, the potatoes weren’t as wonderful as freshly mashed potatoes but they were much better than anything you’d ever get out of a box.

However, it did cook evenly and even faster than the estimated 90 seconds. The sizing is also great (although some Americans might find it lacking ;)).

Overall, this product was a real eye opener and while there’s nothing like making a nice roast in your own home and having the smell permeate the air, this will more than do in a pinch or if you don’t have enough time to through together some Mexican recipes.

Also, just a side review. If you’ve seen Deli Creations by Oscar Mayer including sandwiches, wraps and the like and you thought they looked pretty good, they are! I personally like the Ham and Cheddar.

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