Sweet Nothings Amazing Push Up T-Shirt Bra

Date Wed, November 27 2013
Sweet Nothings Amazing Push Up T-Shirt Bra

Sweet Nothings Amazing Push Up T-Shirt Bra

I wouldn’t typically review something like this. In fact, I wouldn’t typically purchase a bra for $10 from Walmart. However, I needed a bra to wear under a top that was white or nude and I knew I wouldn’t wear it a whole lot. So off to Walmart I was.

I frequently rave about my VS bras. Yes, they’re expensive, but they last longer and they simply make the girls look good. Within ten minutes of stepping into the changing room, I’d decided two bras were terrible and another ripped as I put it on. I was suddenly super aware of how terrible the quality was. It was also a hassle trying to find my size in the aisles. There’s just too much choice.

However, when I put on this t-shirt bra, I was pleasantly surprised. The tuxedo satin at the top looks especially smart; although, it might shine through thinner tops because it’s so shiny. The rest of the cups are smooth and matte, so this will work well under a t-shirt. The cups are thick enough to shape and feel modest, I guess is the word, without feeling too naked. I hate super thin bras. Still, if you want a bra with a lot of lift and pushup, this probably isn’t it.

The straps are fully adjustable and the cuts have underwire, so they’re supportive. The band is a little thicker, which is certainly okay. However, the elastic sits directly against my skin. After a while, this did get a little irritating. I love when the elastic is wrapped in the fabric. This also adds multiple layers, so it’s more supportive. The bra is available in sizes from 34A to 38D, which is nice. Plus-sized gals will have to look elsewhere, though.

Now, I’m not going to rush back and buy all the other colors that were available but this Amazing Push Up T-Shirt Bra¬†worked in a pinch, and now I have a white bra to wear in the future.

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  1. Jenn November 27 2013 @ 6:31 pm

    Not too shabby for $10! But I’m with you – nothing beats a Victoria’s Secret bra (although Jockey bras come in at a very close second).

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