Date Mon, June 29 2009

Come summer time, I seem to have a shift in appetite. I start craving summer food: brats and burgers. The former is more definitely not popular in this area of the country but people seem to love a burger anywhere. Of course, I don’t like handling the meat myself so patties are the way to go and, because of my bland white person tastes, I don’t like spices or sauces. I have my burgers with ketchup and cheese, maybe bacon but that’s it. So Sam’s Choice: Bacon & Aged Cheddar Beef Patties fit all my criteria just fine.

Sam’s Choice is, as you likely know, a Walmart/Sam’s Club house brand named after Sam Walton. We bought some of their basic Angus Beef patties a while back but I wasn’t impressed. I don’t know if I made the connection that it was the same brand of beef patties when I first picked up the Cheddar & Bacon. I was thinking “flavoured burgers? Cool!” and if you’re not a fan, they also have garlic seasoned ones and maybe another flavour, too. I was doubly impressed to find out that these are not simply flavoured or seasoned but have small chunks of cheese and bacon right in. So, frying or grilling up a burger melts the cheese and cooks the bacon and the taste is sort of infused without needing as much cheese as bacon as you would on top. Of course, burgers aren’t really the most health thing anyway but this is just a slightly better alternative.

Sam’s Choice: Bacon & Aged Cheddar Beef Patties are tasty indeed. They’re also fast and easy. For me, the box – which has 6 1/3lb patties (and they recently made the bag inside zippered) – lasts quite a while. For a group, you might want to pick up a couple boxes and don’t forget the buns and veggies, if you want them. They’ll go fast.

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