Tek Gear Fit & Flare Yoga Roll-Waist Pants

Date Sun, May 20 2012

Tek Gear Roll-Waist Yoga Pants

Tek Gear Roll-Waist Yoga Pants

I recently posted about how hard it was for me to find black sheets. Oddly enough, I had almost the same problem finding a pair of black yoga pants. Actually, it wasn’t as much of a problem of finding them as it was a problem of finding them short enough. I always buy “short” jeans, but most yoga pants are a one-length-fits-all and that just doesn’t work for me. I was normally looking in the juniors department, where I do most of my shopping, but had decided to expand my search.

I found these Tek Gear yoga pants in the active apparel section of Kohls. I don’t think I’ve ever even been to that corner of the store before. Granted, most activewear tends to be far too spandex-y or nylon-y. I wanted something that was still breathably cotton. I’d never tried toe roll-waist style before, but they’re definitely in style. I’d read that they can be slimming and help you to pick whether you wear them higher or lower, and I’d hoped this would help with the height issue.

I didn’t need it to, though. These pants are available in different lengths so I quickly found one in “short.” This is the one definite plus. I can actually roll the waist all the way down on these and the double layering definitely slims around the waist. I feel pretty attractive in these. There’s just a bit of spandex, so they’re stretchy, but they don’t seem to lose their shape to me.

You should probably purchase one smaller than normal because they do run large. I went down a size and the flare at the bottom of the legs its feminine, while the thighs feels neither too large nor too small. It’s comfortable for lounging around the house but passable if I want to take a walk or run to the store. If you’re worried about the fabric being too thin, don’t. It’s thicker than any similar pants I’ve ever owned, and I’m sure that will be good for the walks I plan to take in these.

Also, these are so much more attractive on!

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