Temptations Snacky Mouse and Treats

Date Fri, April 3 2015

The Snacky Mouse is made by Temptations, a company you may already be familiar with thanks to its cat treats. It just makes sense for Temptations to create a toy like this, which consists of hollow ball where you place treats and holes for your cats to get the treats out of. The Snacky Mouse has a little mouse head and ears, which is just adorable!

While Temptations has cutely called this a Snacky Mouse — and designed it to match — it’s actually a type of foraging toy. Foraging toys are designed to allow your kitties to get in touch with their predator side by giving them something to chase and reward them for their efforts.

I am no stranger to this type of toy. I’ve accumulated two over the years and like to use them to provide cats with treats. My 12 year-old sister loves to come over and give the cats treats in the balls I have. One is simply a round ball with a single hole while the other is an egg with a weighted side.

Phantom hogs the Snacky Ball!

Phantom hogs the Snacky Ball!

Both of those toys differ in that they have a single hole, and the Snacky Mouse has multiple holes, which makes it even easier for your cats to get at the rewards. During play, I think the Snacky Mouse becomes depleted faster than other toys, even though it holds more treats.

While putting the treats in the ball and getting ready to play, I strategically place my fingers over the holes so the treats will stay in it while I’m getting it ready. I think having only one hole wouldn’t be a bad thing, but my cats aren’t complaining. Replacing the mouse head requires you to line it up just so, making it a little more finicky than my other foraging toys.

I took video so you can see them at play!

This is actually a fairly good representation of treat time at my house. Phantom loves foraging toys and eats all the treats while his brother is more hesitant. He’s never actually played with a ball-type foraging toy; although, I think he did like the Cat MixMax toy I reviewed last month.

Part of the problem is how quick and greedy his brother is. Before Goliath had a chance to eat treats, Phantom snatches them up. I usually make a point to give Goliath treats while distracting Phantom.

Goliath sniffs the Snacky Ball

Goliath sniffs the Snacky Ball

When you buy your Snacky Mouse, it will come with a small package of treats. The square temptations treats work well in this, and they’re fairly large. You could substitute them for your favorite treats. Zukes would be a good choice, for example.

The Snacky Mouse costs less than $8 on Amazon, which is a great price for a toy and some treats! Give it a try!

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