Tenrox 2013 R2 Brings New Functions

Date Wed, November 13 2013


In 2013, the idea of that a company’s entire staff works in the same office has been turned on its head. Now more than ever, people telecommute from home. Some even work from different countries than the office location. It’s pretty cool, but it certainly does add some logistic issues.

Tenrox includes the following functions:

  • Project management
  • Time/expense reporting
  • Project finance tracking
  • Resource management

The new financial planner allows you to estimate costs of projects and update the actual costs as the project is underway. With Tenrox, you’re able to view both actual and estimated costs side by side, which is useful when it comes to seeing how you’re meeting goals.

The newest updates also has updates to improve your experience. These include a completely redesigned UI and the ability for users to customize their home pages separately, so everyone in an organization can see the content that matters most to them. Modules on the home page can include timesheets, expense reports and invoices, and each user can see a summary of his or her own reports. Drag-and-drop capabilities make the interface user friendly.

The updates also come with mobile apps for Android, iPhone, Windows and BlackBerry users. Employees can submit expense and time reports to supervisors for approval via these apps, so you don’t have to be chained to your computer. If your job involves you visiting locals businesses, for example, you can mark that time as you go. As you’d guess, the solution allows you to assign different roles, so some users can report to others, while other users have supervisory ability.  Similarly, admins can assign resources to certain projects, so organization becomes easier than ever. There’s no need to hunt for files, links, images or spreadsheets with Tenrox.

If you’re interested in learning more about this new product and how it can help you complete projects on time and on budget, click here. Tenrox 2013 R2  is a great tool for businesses and potentially non-profits. Upland software sells various solutions for your company size.

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