The Best Products of 2015 [Guide]

Date Fri, January 1 2016

It’s that time for me to list the best products I’ve tried this year along with some thoughts about those products!

Overall, I think I reviewed less products this year, which is okay. I’ve had a busier social life than I expected. I just don’t know where the time has gone. How is it already 2016? I meant to write this post sooner!

There were also a few products that just didn’t work out so well after my initial review, so I posted a few follow-up reviews. I’ve also posted a few negative reviews because I had some poor experiences. Perhaps I need a category specifically for those types of reviews? That might be something that I add in this coming year!

In the meantime, you can check out the products I did try and love over this past year!

Exposed Skincare

Exposed Skincare

Health and Beauty

Pet Care


Purex Introduces New Bottle with PowerShot!

Purex Introduces New Bottle with PowerShot!

Entertainment, Media and Toys

Technology and Gadgets



This year, I reviewed quite a bit more health and beauty products, not to mention a number of pet products. So most of my favorite products are in this category. I didn’t really love a lot of tech that I reviewed. I bought a new laptop and a new phone but didn’t write about either of them. The laptop is amazing, but the phone is lackluster. So maybe I will review the phone eventually.

I managed to not review a single app! So I will definitely have to fix that in 2016. Typically, app reviews aren’t sponsored, and I definitely stuck to more sponsored reviews than not. However, about half of my best of items are things I bought myself, so that about evens out.

Anyway, happy new year! Let me know if you loved any of my reviews or agree with any of my thoughts in the comments!

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