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Date Thu, October 1 2009

Diesel Sweeties is a webcomic I’ve enjoyed for quite some time and it’s one of the few comics (perhaps the only?) whose merchandise I’ve actually purchased. Not only that, but I’ve become a repeat customer so it’s only fair to you, the reader, to explain why the Diesel Sweeties store effing rocks.

tinker600_largeIt started out at least a year ago when I caught wind of this awesome glow in the dark T-shirt design featuring either the horny hare or the true love tortoise. There was free shipping at the time so I opted for Tinker the tortoise and soon I was wearing one of the most comfortable and well fitting shirts I’d worn in years. All the shirts can be printed on your size and style. I chose the babydoll cut shirt by Bella and, if you’re familiar with this cut, you know they tend to be a little snug. However, I don’t think I’ve ever worn a better fitting babydoll in my life. The super soft cotton has a bit of stretch and the shirt is cut so it actually covers you. I would og so far as to say that Bella’s babydolls are cut a little larger than other babydolls.

It’s really the glow in the dark screen printing that is awesome, though. As described on the site:

Here’s how it works: We print the design in white ink on a black t-shirt. Then, we print OVER the design with white glow ink… except for the secret message.

When you expose it to a black light or take it into the dark, you can both see the design AND read the message. Sexy Genius.

By day, the heart is plain white and by night, it display the message “If you can read this it’s dark, and you should kiss me”. It’s like a superhero! And I needn’t tell you that a certain someone takes advantage of this message in a cute and dorky way.

The “Secret Kisses” shirt even came with a free sticker which I used for a bookmark until I lost it. Shortly after, my shirt had seen better days so I decided to replace it and check out the DS store’s other designs, too. I added the pixel heart shirt to my cart because love is awesome and so is pink. With a new Tinker the true love tortoise, I lovingly tossed the old one in the trash.

I was totally surprised by just how soft the shirts were when I got them (my first one had become less skin friendly over time) and, once again, the fit was awesome. I also got two stickers this time.

Of course, there’s more prints to choose from, some of which also glow in the dark, many of which appeal to the geek in me and not all of them are as girly as my choices.

In summation, the Diesel Sweeties store kicks ass.

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  1. Dez October 1 2009 @ 7:10 pm

    That is kick ass.

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