The Medium Next Door (Review and Giveaway)

Date Mon, June 20 2011

The Medium Next Door

The Medium Next Door

I’ll admit, when I was offered a copy of The Medium Next Door to review and giveaway, I didn’t know anything bout Maureen Hancock. No offense, I’d just never heard of her but it seemed different and I was looking for a break from my typical fantasy novels. Needless to say, I also had no idea what The Medium Next door was about. I delved into the book and quickly discovered that while it’s mostly autobiographical, Hancock also uses this medium as a way to help the reader deal with their own anxieties and psychic talents as well as to spread the word of hope and love.

Hope and love really is a theme throughout this book as Maureen talks about her childhood health issues, which she believed led to her special talents in talking to spirits, to the death of loved ones and her work to use her talents to help others. Maureen Hancock describes experiences that, even though they sound incredible, are truly touching. In The Medium Next Door, she discusses how she believes people stay around as spirits, even after their deaths, and they still love and care for us. Several times while reading, I found myself in tears. I’m a sentimental sort, yes, but I’m also quite the cynic. Even if you look at this book as a complete work of fiction, it’s still sentimental.

In terms of incredibility, Maureen comes from an entire family of seemingly super talented individuals, many of whom have psychic abilities. It’s almost a little too much to believe and, as I as reading, I had to wonder if she wasn’t sensationalizing things to sell the book. Yet, Hancock doesn’t come off that way. For all her belief in her abilities, she comes off as your typical soccer Mom. A family kind of gal who has struggled to make time for her family in her hectic schedule and, when I say hectic, I mean I can’t believe she hasn’t had a complete emotional break down from all she does. It’s astounding. She offers free services to families of deceased children, has hosted public events, has appeared on television and done radio shows and runs a non-profit organization on top of being a mother of two boys. As she wrote the book, she was working on getting a television show up and running. I am in awe of her commitment to help others. And this commitment shows through at the end of each chapter, where she gives insights into getting in touch with your intuitive abilities, dealing with anxiety, understanding death and other difficulties we all encounter during life.

As a skeptic, I find it difficult to understand how Maureen seems to have all the experiences and knowledge she has acquired. I just don’t understand how it’s possible but, assuming that the words on the pages are true, she has some sort of talent and it is remarkable and real enough to turn other skeptics. I’m almost convinced. Almost.

You’ll have to read The Medium Next Door to see for yourself and I am happy to announce that one lucky reader will get exactly that chance. This giveaway will remain open for two weeks. To gain entries in that time period, post one comment for each of the following:

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Thanks to Maureen Hancock and her agent for this opportunity!

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  1. Erin Cook July 4 2011 @ 8:51 pm

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  2. Veronica Garrett July 4 2011 @ 9:28 pm

    I want to win because I am interested in the medium realm. It sounds like an interesting book.