The Walking Dead

Date Fri, November 19 2010

The Walking DeadIf you’re into zombies, you should totally check out The Walking Dead. It’s a new television series on AMC and it features zombies but in a way that I totally like, which is awesome. You see, I don’t like horror or zombies so the fact that I enjoy this show so much speaks volumes.

So The Walking Dead follows an officer with the Sheriff’s Department of a small-ish town as he is shot, becomes lost in a coma and awakes to find that zombies have taken over the world. He sets out to find his family, as he believes they are still alive and anyone else who might be out there.

Unlike your traditional zombie flick, The Walking Dead isn’t super gorey nor do zombies just jump out at you. It’s more dramatic than horror and there’s plenty of time to stop and think. Of course, I’ve found that many of the twists and turns in the plot are super easy to predict so it may be too cliche for some. If you want to have your heart jump out of your chest as a zombie jump out at you, then you might want to stick to all the crappy zombies movies that I don’t like.

Still, even though it is sometimes predictable, the Waking Dead does provide moments when you just cannot contain your emotion. You cry. You squeal. You grasp your best friend’s hand for dear life because OMG-WHAT-WILL-HAPPEN-NEXT?!

One of the reasons I like the walking dead is that the main character Rick Grimes, is played by one sexy man: Andrew Lincoln. Lincoln plays the part of a skilled and smart man well but he never comes across as untouchable. After all, he is just a man looking for his wife and son.

After just three episodes, we’ve barely grazed the surface of the other characters, however; I’m not ready to make any judgments about the actors who play them or the way the writers have developed them.

I’m not surprised that AMC has already renewed this for the second season or that everyone else seems to love it. In fact, I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am for this show. I can’t wait to get my TV back so I can watch this when it actually runs. I literally have not been this excited for a new TV show in at least 5 years.

The short: You need to see this!

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