TIDY CATS Small Space

Date Thu, January 2 2014

Man, have I reviewed a shit-ton (pun intended) of cat litter. It’s because I’ve tried near a dozen different types of litter. At best, they were okay. At worst, they were terrible and I regretted the fact that I had purchased 50 pounds of the damned stuff. I think my search has ended with Tidy Cats Small Spaces.

The first thing that I like about this litter is the container. It has a handle on the side and the top, so it’s easy to carry out of the store and to pour. I like it much better than the old container Tidy Cats came in. It beats boxes and bags hands down, too.

The jug design is new, but the litter isn’t. I’m not sure if I’ve maybe tried this before but the formula works better for me now, but I’ve already purchased a second container when I ran out.

I was recommended something similar from a friend, but they were out. So I opted for small spaces cat litter. It’s not the first time I’ve used something similar, but it is the first time I’ve liked it so much.

  1.  TIDY CATS Small Spaces Premium Scoop Cat Litter

    TIDY CATS Small Spaces Premium Scoop Cat Litter

    It’s not dusty in the least. Awesome.

  2. It’s taller than it is wide, so easier to store in my bathroom.
  3. It’s lightly scented but I found it pleasant.
  4. It clumps extremely well.
  5. And the rest doesn’t clump, so cleaning the box is easy.
  6. It’s easy to reuse. I’ve used it for a month or so and I don’t feel like I need to completely empty out the litter box from the smell. Furthermore, there is no sticky urine-soaked layer at the bottom.

While it’s listed at $11.49 on Amazon, I got it for $3 less at Walmart.

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