To Venus and Back

Date Tue, November 17 2009

My first razor that was all my own (you know, when I stopped using my mom’s razor; did other chicks do that?) was a Venus. It had just come out when I was a lowly bagger/checker at a grocery store and it was awesome to all grown up like that. I was impressed and even upgraded when the Venus Divine came out. I don’t remember why I switched or if I felt the Venus blades weren’t doing well enough. I can’t recall if I noticed a big improvement with the Divine blades but I stuck with them and still use them to this day.

Until Wal-mart runs out. Then I make some sacrifices and I decide maybe I can just use the regular Venus blades and it will all be okay. WRONG! I was wrong. I tried to live with it but was just so sick of the blood on all my white linens. I broke down and made Ryan take me to the ghetto Wal-mart to go back to my former love. I will never forsake you again, Venus Divine. Never. I promise. I now know why I left Venus for you and, with you, I will always stay.

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