ToiletTree Body Brush Storage/Travel Case

Date Mon, September 15 2014

I think a sign of a good relationship is when you can see someone day in and day out without growing bored. Even better, maybe you love them more than you did before. My relationship with the ToiletTree  body brush is like that. Sure, it’s more function than romance, but I can’t complain.

It’s still working quite well, but the one thing I mused about was how it’s not travel-friendly. There’s no lock button. The softest brush easily gets crushed. So on and so forth.

I didn’t actually say anything about it, but the folks at ToiletTree  took it on themselves to solve my problem anyway. Awesome!

They also sent me the solution to review — a travel and storage case for the brush that comes with an extra set of brushes.

And it’s awesome.

For under $18 — and with free shipping of you subscribe to Amazon Prime — you get an entirely new set of brush heads, which is great if yours have gotten a little grimy or, like me, smushed. That soft face brush really doesn’t keep shape well. Oops!


Storage and Travel Case

Storage and Travel Case

The plastic case fits all the brush heads in addition to the brush itself. Each brush has its own space and clicks into place the same way it fits onto the hed.

There’s even a slot for the loop on the handle to hang out of the travel case, so you can hold it that way. If you’re wondering whether the case will simply open, it won’t. It clicks shut — in fact, I need two hands to open it. A quick yoyo test proved effective at using the brush’s loop as a handle for the whole case.

Admittedly, the storage case for the spin brush it a little bulky, but I don’t mind. It more than makes up for that in terms of convenience. I’ve gone out of town a time or two since I got my spin brush but didn’t take it because this product wasn’t yet invented.

It is not, however. Woohoo!

If I could change anything, I wonder consider a separate slot to store batteries or maybe even something to open the battery compartment. That would be super cool, but it would also be above and beyond.

If you love your ToiletTree body brush and want to take it everywhere with you, you can’t go wrong with this travel case.

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