ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System [Followup Review]

Date Mon, May 25 2015

I’ve now had this spinning brush and skin care system for over a year, which is longer than I had my previous brush. I’ve especially enjoyed the travel case, which I’ve used a couple times and is super convenient for spending a weekend or more away from home.

However, I’ve begun noticing some issues with my ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System. Specifically, it doesn’t always like to power off when I push the button. I’m not entirely sure why, but it seems like it may be an issue with the battery compartment not being too tight.

I’ve been able to remedy this by completely removing the batteries and sort of jarring the back end of the brush, where the batteries insert, to make it work. However, this is pretty annoying.

Although I’ve gotten a good year+ out of this product, it’s not the sort of thing I think I should have to replace, and I don’t think I will when it dies once and for all.

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