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Date Tue, May 6 2014

I admit it. I love my phone. It’s not just that I love technology. I love the phone that I bought myself that showed up on Valentine’s Day. We’re still in the honeymoon period almost three months later. That’s pretty impressive! The hardware and design are top-notch but there’s a reason that I keep coming back to Android: the apps!

My HTC Desire is able to run apps that didn’t work on my One V at all. Android and HTC Sense also keep getting better so I don’t need third-party apps to do a lot of things. I still use a launcher and SMS replacement, however, which you’ll see on this list. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post like this so check out the apps I love!

marvel puzzle quest

marvel puzzle quest

Games: Marvel Puzzle Quest

Puzzle Quest is a game that combines RPGs with puzzles. As someone who loves puzzles and is a lot cooler on RPGs, I enjoyed the series on my DS. In fact,the second game — which is the best in the series — has been ported to Android and Kindle Fire. I accidentally ran across Marvel Puzzle Quest, which is only available on mobile as far as I know, through another app (Family Feud and Friends). However, I figured I’d give it a chance because I liked the DS games.

I have signed on to Mavel Puzzle Quest for 52 days straight. The dynamics are similar, and each color you clear adds to a gauge. From there, you can use skills specific to the characters — both “good” and “evil”  — that you collect in your roster. The game is frequently updated, allows you to share some rewards with friends and provides plenty rewards — characters, ISO-8 (like XP) and other perks — to keep me coming back day after day.

Communicating: ChompSMS

I’ve really enjoyed Handcent in the past, but Chomp seems to be the more responsive app. It’s hands-down better than the stock messaging app. In fact, I cringe when I see that people use whatever Samsung or HTC includes with their UI. It’s complete and utter crap. Chomp has tons of features, including but not limited to:

  • Remove social media contacts from “to” field
  • Emojis
  • Delivery reports
  • Screenshots
  • Call from the app
  • Change vibration notification

The only option I miss is the ability to add custom smiley packs separate from Emojis because my phone doesn’t use the standard Android smiles.

Utilities: ES File Explorer

I hate cords, which means I love my phone’s ability to wirelessly connect to my laptop. This is important when it comes to transferring photos. However, my laptop’s BT radio has been a little wonky since I installed a new hard drive. ES File Explorer not only allows me to view, move and manage files on my phone and SD card, but I can also connect to my phone remotely via FTP to easily transfer photos. You really can do much more with it than I do, and if your device is rooted, it’s a God-send!

Icon Flower Pattern on Home Screen

Icon Flower Pattern on Home Screen

Launcher: Smart Launcher

I’ve already discussed this app before. It worked on my old phone, which was low-end to begin with. It’s also amazing on my HTC Desire. Everything runs smoothly and looks attractive. Notifications are awesome, too. I don’t use the lock screen on this phone — though I could — because I like HTC’s default lock screen.

Music: Pandora and FM Radio

I love that my phone has an FM Radio and I don’t need a separate app to listen to it even though I know very few people care about this. I suppose I just don’t understand how most people don’t listen to public radio in general but I like pop, rock and country. I like DJs to control music when I don’t know what I want to listen to. Sometimes I even like listening to a song until I hate it — and radio will sure do that to you.

However, when we’re talking about apps that do something never available before the Internet, then Pandora is it. I typically listen to Pandora while in the shower if my Bluetooth speaker is dead.  It gives me more choice when it comes to music and helps me find music that won’t necessarily be played on live radio.

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