Topyx LMS

Date Mon, November 4 2013
Topyx LMS

Topyx LMS

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about software, so let’s start with Topyx, a leaning management system. Think of it a bit like Blackboard, which you may have used for online courses. However, Topyx is geared toward businesses and organizations, rather than education settings. The ability to use Topyx to grant certifications certainly lends itself to that use, but Topyx would work for any training situation. The ability to sell a course at a premium price makes Topyx a good choice for any organizations that hand out certifications for a fee.

Topyx reminds me of when I worked at Wal-mart. We have computer-based learning, or CBL, modules. However, they were often glitchy. This software would work well for those CBLs. In fact, Topyx seems a little better organized because users can see everything that they have access to from the dashboard. The control panel includes a to-do list and report card, both of which are useful. Users can discuss with others in their course, connect social media accounts and

One useful function of Topyx is the ability to disable some functions, so administrators can simplify the system and simply use the tools that their organization actually needs. Administrators will also like the ability to completely brand Topyx with their organization’s logo and color. Function-wise, Topyx allows you to upload a content library, so reading material is readily available to the learner.  User groups allow you to provide content and tests to individuals based on the group. All in all, the admin options are easy to understand, so you don’t have to be a tech guru.

This tool has a middle tier: manages and instructors. These people don’t have access to all the settings, but they can manage specific programs or users. Instructors, managers and admins all have reports, which you can choose from the many options available and rearrange with a drag-and-drop interface. To download or email reports, Topyx enables you to choose any data based on multiple filters.

There are a ton of additional LMS features, too:

  • Marketing tiles for linking to sponsors/advertising
  • Custom landing pages
  • The ability to add accreditation
  • The option to remove links from certain locations because there’s no set link scheme
  • Scheduled reporting
  • The ability to create coupons in the shopping cart
  • 13 languages available
  • Mobile compatibility for users and admins

If you’re thinking about learning management software, Topyx might be up your ally. You don’t have to take my word for it, though. The company offers a free LMS demo guided support.

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