Tradewinds Tape Worm Tabs for Cats

Date Mon, August 17 2009

tradewindsSo one day last week, Goliath came up to sit by me on the desk and when he left.. something didn’t. He left me a little surprise which I immediately recognized as a sign of worms. I used my internet skillz to determine that it was a tapeworm. I won’t go into the details, if you want them, Google it. Then I fretted about whether or not this is bad for my kitty and what I can do to remedy it. My search led me to Tradewinds Tape Worm Tabs for Cats, available at PetSmart for a whopping $25! I wasn’t happy with the pricetag of almost $7 per pill but I decided I needed to be a good mommy and said good bye to my money as I bought them.

I probably wouldn’t have laid out the money if Tradewinds Tape Worm Tabs weren’t so highly rated by customers on PetSmart’s site. There are at least a dozen positive reviews for these pills and, not only that, but many peoplr said it cleared up the tapworms in literally a day. I wasn’t expecting a miracle, I just wanted change.

Still, I was hopeful as Goliath chowed down a pill in his food (so it can’t taste that bad?) and hopeful. The next morning, there were still some signs of worms but, by that afternoon, it was all cleared up.

Colour me impressed. If I had to, I would shell out the money again but I still have 2 pills left. The one thing I didn’t understand was why there was no instructions on the bottle of package regarding dosage. It’s listed online, however, but I think that information should be more readily available.


  • 4 lbs. & under – ½ tablet
  • 5-11 lbs.– 1 tablet
  • over 11 lbs. – 1 ½ tablets

Other than dosage information, I couldn’t recommend this product more.

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