Date Thu, September 30 2010

Tweets60Tweets60 is the Twitter app I use on my Nokia smartphone. Do you like how I haven’t reviewed the phone yet? I thought you might! d= This app is available for free from the Ovi store which is Nokia’s app and other junk store that you can access via the Ovi app on the phone or in your browser.

Installation was easy. I think I looked it up in the store and used the “Send to Phone” feature. I clicked some links, pressed “Install” and voila. Periodically, I get an update and follow a similar procedure to download the newest version. Now typing my ridiculous Twitter name to sign in was not quite as easy.

Tweets60 shows recent updates from myself and my friends. The Twitter icons show up next to the posts, each time the user posts. I far prefer this to Echofon’s method of only showing the avatar once if the user posts multiple times in a tow. Occasionally, it takes a while for Tweets60 to load the avatar so I see a generic, animated face.

One of the features I love is that I can remove folks directly from my timeline. My Firefox Twitter app does not allow me to do that so I have to sign into the website.

However, I find the menu to be a little.. cumbersome. The two constant buttons are “Options” and “Hide.” The first is self explanatory and includes the otpions to create new Tweets, reply to others, follow/remove users, refresh the timeline, view settings, get information about the app and download more from the same maker (I also use the battery life extender). The second minimizes the app. I think it would be far handier to remove the “Hide” button and replace it with a “New Tweet” button or a “Reply” button as I use those quite frequently. Similarly, it’d be slightly easy to use if there were buttons to reply or retweet directly below the tweets in the timeline.

When I am posting a new tweet or a reply with Tweets60, it changes to a “compose” screen. I type in my message but unlike texting, I actually have to press the green checkmark to confirm the message and go back to the compose screen (when texting, I can just press the green button on the phone to send). This is probably just the way it works with apps but I find myself pressing the green button and bringing up the dialer pretty often. I have to press options and “Send” to actually publish my Tweet, yet there is a “Cancel” button next to options (it replaces “Hide” on this screen). It seems to me that “Send” would make much more sense.

Let me recap. To send a new Tweet I click on the Tweets60 icon, click Options, click New, tap to type, enter the Tweet, tap the green arrow, open Options, click Send. That’s a lot of fucking work compared to just sending a text to my Twitter number. In fact, I usually do it that way despite having this app.

But let’s talk about the pluses. At the op of the Tweets60 screen are arrows so I can switch to an “@anaesthetic” tab to view my replies, a direct message received tab, a direct messages sent tab, a favorites tab and an updates tab–which just shows my recent updates. I have to press the arrows all the way back to return to the main timeline, however.

With this said, the features of Tweets60 are still pretty bad ass. I mean, you can insert pictures or shortened URLs when crafting a message. And there’s a forum that I am about to join so I can post some feedback. The updates are frequent, which makes me feel like the developer(s) are actually working on the app and I know they don’t have to. It’s not like I’m using the premium version.

And the icon is totally cute, too.

Overall, Tweets60 is a winner.

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