Tyson Annytizers Chicken & Bacon Bruschetta

Date Thu, May 9 2013
Chicken & Bacon Bruschetta

Chicken & Bacon Bruschetta

So, I have this cycle. I’ll go grocery shopping and every freakin’ thing on my list for the week or two will be something I have to cook. The next week, I’ll get convenience foods only because I’m so sick of cooking.  I’ve had some enjoyable bruschetta in the past, but I don’t make it because I don’t need appetizers. i guess I don’t entertain in that way. But a frozen version that looked yummy is perfect for a single gal who’s not going to have any of that cooking nonsense this week, so I picked up the bag.

It contains 20 little bruschetta pieces, and I don’t know how, but the topping almost all magically stayed on the bread. In fact, I don’t really want to think about it. It’s probably super glue or something, but it’s convenient. You just pop them on a sheet and bake for ten minutes. Allow some time to cool, though.

What I’ve noticed is that it’s possible to overcook there. There’s this perfect time where the bread is crunchy and the topping a still moist and not dried out. They included tomato, chicken, bacon and cheese. The cheese is real and gooey, which I like. Each ingredient feels very “real” and not processed.

However, while this tastes okay, there’s something missing. I feel like it should be more moist. These would be great with some sort of sauce or perhaps drizzled with some extra olive oil. This might be all that the bruschetta needs to take it from “Okay” to “great.” I’m just not sure.

So I’d try these again, and a single bag is goof for several meals for me. There’s enough to entertain a few people, too. If you really like bruschetta, the frozen option is definitely more convenient than making it yourself, though.

If you’re interested in nutritional info, Tyson calls three pieces a serving. There’s 190 calories, 50 from fat. There’s no trans fat and a little bit of calcium, protein and iron. However, there’s more sodium in this than you might want on a frequent basis.

Cutting the bacon would probably make it less unhealthy, though. you could try the chicken and spinach option. In fact, I think i will opt for that next time as I really don’t mind spinach. That one has a less calories but more sodium, so it’s definitely a trade-off.

I’d be interested in hearing what everyone else thinks of this offering though.

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  1. judy williams March 29 2014 @ 7:35 pm

    we need to know what stores in mesa,tempe, az Tyson bruschetta chicken and bacon is sold.

  2. Cole March 30 2014 @ 4:16 pm

    I am not tyson or affiliated with them in any way. I can tell you that I found these at Target with a grocery section but you’ll probably want to head to Tyson.com to see if they have a store locator. You might not be able to search specific products though.

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