Tyson Chicken Bacon Club Stuffed Mini Bread Bowls

Date Fri, February 21 2014
Tyson  Chicken Bacon Club Bread Bowls

Tyson Chicken Bacon Club Bread Bowls

Boy, am I fan of Tyson food. And this seemed like something that might be interesting. I couldn’t pass it up, now could I?

I am a fan of bread bowls like those as Dominos, but those are so large. Each bowl is two full meals. These bread browls — there’s four to a package — are good for appetizers or snacking because they’re much smaller. I wound up enjoying two at a time, but you might want to purchase a few boxes if you’re feeding a group.

There were a couple different flavors but I opted for the chickn bacon club. I love chicken, bacon and cheese. How can it go wrong?

The bread bowls heat up easily in the microwave. You could opt for the oven if you want that baked texture, but they weren’t soggy in the microwave the way that, say, Hot Pockets or Pizza Rolls, sometimes can be.  The bread bowls hold they shape nicely, so this really is finger food. You’ll take several bites out of each bowl, of course.

I enjoyed the bread itself. It was a neutral flavor without a lot of spices. I wasn’t really sure about the contents of the bowl. The chicken, bacon and cheese all seemed to blend together in one mix, and the flavors combined in a way that wasn’t better than the sum its parts of unique enough that you could depict chicken, cheese and bacon. There was only one bite where I tasted anything bacon-y at all.

I generally like Tyson foods, but this one was just too.. processed.  While I would eat it again in the future, I wouldn’t purchase the frozen bread bowls without a steep discount. I’d rather go with the Bruschetta in the future.

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