Tyson Deli Market Chicken Bacon Vegetable Alfredo Pasta

Date Tue, January 28 2014
Tyson Deli Market pasta

Tyson Deli Market pasta

If you’ve never heard of these dishes, I’m not surprised. I’ve only seen them at a single store in the area despite the fact that Tyson is a very recognizable name. In fact, I’ve looked at these products quite a few times before I finally bought them. I noticed that there were actually manufacturer’s coupons by the products. I couldn’t pass these entrees up when I saw a BOGO free coupon.

I chose to get the BBQ chicken in addition to this Alfredo pasta. As a fan of chicken and bacon, I figured this would be pretty delicious. It’s easy to make, too. The package stated that you only need 4 minutes. In fact, I microwaved the entree for less time than that because it’s a strong machine.

One thing that I like about the packaging is how minimal is it. The entree comes in a plastic dish that’s sealed with plastic — that you don’t even need to cut to make. There’s a simple cardboard sleeve that slides off. On the back of the sleeve is even a coupon that I’m sure I’ll use next time. The packaging doesn’t take up more space or time than it need, which I like.

As I microwaved this, I could smell the sauce. It’s slightly garlicky and made my mouth water. ¬†When I removed the plastic, it seemed as though the sauce was a little thin. However, it thickens as it cools. Obviously, there’s bacon and chicken and corkscrew pasta. The packaging lists “garden vegetables.” As far as I can tell, these are carrots, corn, and red peppers. There might be something else, but they’re all rather small. While corn seemed to be a strange choice, it wasn’t bad once I took a bite.

The entree costs about $5 each, and it’s really only enough for a single serving so it’s not something that I will buy on a very frequent basis. However, you can add a salad or perhaps bread to stretch the meal. The website actually lists this as a “side dish.” you could add your own chicken and a salad for it to fit two dines.

While Tyson is known for its meat, the chicken was a little sparse. I would’ve liked to see some larger grilled pieces. It was still delicious, however.

Overall, Tyson Deli market side dishes are decent. Give it a try if you can find it but don’t stress if you can’t.

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