Ultra Cool, Ultra Clear

Date Sat, September 6 2008

I’m excited to be writing a review about Degree Ultra Clear for Women in Pure Satin with Triclear because not only does it mean I am finally done with the old deodorants/antiperspirants that I was using, but it also means I have a deodorant to use which is actually stain-free. I had my eye on this product for a while, patiently waiting for my previous deodorant to run out because I hate to waste things. As luck would have it, my deodorant would crumble in the hotel during our traveling (why does that always happen to me?). I headed to the store for a replacement because, as we all know, females must smell bootiful all the time. d=

Degree Ultra Clear is a line of deodorants and antiperspirants designed for women to help them dry, fresh smelling and perhaps most importantly not leave a white residue on clothing. As a lover of apparel in black, I can attest that this is a problem with clothing that is a little tighter and, as the bottles advertise, this will no longer be a problem because Degree Ultra Clear is “little black dress approved.” No longer will your evening wear be stain with white that you naively miss as you spend a night on the town. No longer will you forget to apply deodorant because you thought you’d apply it after you put on that slinky formal-wear (as if it’s even possible to move enough in it).

These aren’t just false promises to lure you, the unsuspecting consumer in, either. available in 6 different scents like Pure Satin, Pure Rain, Pure Oxygen and Pure Petal, this is a product you can really count on. Beginning with the fresh clean scent (Pure Satin was the only one available at the store) that epitomizes clean deodorant scents without being too heavy or sweet, my body automatically feels a little better after applying this product. Of course, if you’re looking for a classic scent like Pure Powder or Pure Clean, you’ll find that, too.

Of course, the deodorant qualities are pretty strong as well. While it advertises 24 hour protection, I don’t suspect as much in 90-100 degree Texas weather. However, Degree Ultra Clear does hold up for an entire day in the sun, if not an entire 24 hour day. I stay fresh smelling and dry because of its body responsive wetness and odor protection.

Despite its strength, it’s no mystery that this product is for women. Degree Ultra Clear for Women solid deodorants come in a pretty greenish blue bottle and are marked with a sexy little image of a woman wearing her – you guessed it! – little black dress. Each scent comes with its own specific accent colour and the overall appearance is definitely one of femininity.

Degree Ultra Clear for Women has a few other features that make is great for those who are blessed with curves. “Skin caring conditioners” help to make your skin soft and moisturized. also, something in the formula of Degree Ultra Clear for women prevents it from drying and clumping like other solid deodorants.

So does it live up to the label? Is Degree Ultra Clear for Women actually “little black dress approved?” Well, if you will accept my substitution of a tank top for a dress, I can say “yes” most certainly. Even product applied directly to fabric comes right off with a little rub. However, this method shows that the product does not go on clear, it simply blends in with friction. Still, that’s good enough for me (and most women, I imagine).

For a breath of fresh air, try Degree Ultra clear for Women to keep yourself dry and sweet smelling while wearing your sexiest little black dress which will remain as unblemished as the canvas is adorns.

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