Unreal Candy Review

Date Mon, September 24 2012

Man, my original experience trying to find this candy was unreal, guys. I’m done with the ridiculous puns for now, I promise. However, as soon as I found the candy, it then popped up all over. It seems like all the stores were taking their time stocking exactly what I wanted. Isn’t that how it works?

Before I write more about this product, I need to tell you that it does run more expensive than your traditional candy bar. I guess I don’t buy that many candy bars, to be honest, but the price from Michaels was $1.19 or so. I do believe a regular-sized Snickers is about half that. Maybe a little more since the last time I purchased it. So, that’s going to be a major concern for some folks. I believe you won’t bat your lashes at the price if you’re really concerned about having a snack that has less sugar, calories and other negative nutrients. However, someone who’s more frugal than concerned with health will probably go with the name brand.

With that said, I see that Walgreens is now selling Unreal candy in bags. That’s right, you can get an entire bag of Unreal #8 bars, which are more-or-less like Snickers bars. This is probably more affordable in the long run, and it means you’ll never run out.

But I know that you really want to know if this candy is worth purchasing at all. I think it all depends on the variety, but the good news is that none of it was awful. If I had no other treats but Unreal candy to eat for the rest of my life, I’d probably be a pretty happy camper–but we’d have to talk about why I wasn’t inside during these chilly autumn nights. ;)

The four varieties I bought were:

Unreal #77

Unreal #77 — look at the packaging!

Let’s start with my favorite: Unreal #77. The peanut butter in a Reese’s PB cup is unique. Everyone knows that. Homemade knockoffs never touch it. That’s why the holiday shapes and cereal are so popular. Unreal has managed to almost perfectly mimic that taste. It also reminded me why I don’t eat PB cups much: they’re so damned sweet! Unreal’s PB cups have almost half as sugar, but you’ve never be able to tell. In fact, most people would have a hard time telling the brands apart I’d bet. In fact, I couldn’t even these all the time. Unlike Reese’s, unreal sit on a piece of cardboard and have no little paper wrappers inside the plastic. I don’t care about this necessarily, but I did notice it.

The chocolate pieces are pretty much just like M&Ms but they feel so novel because they come in different colors and the shapes seem to be a little more varied. M&Ms are always perfectly uniform in size and shape except for the little gimpy pieces at the end. The individual pieces of Unreal #41 tend to be thicker, less slim. The colors include orange, yellow, green, blue, red and a cool purple. From that alone, your guests would know you’re not serving M&Ms but I doubt they’d care. A package of these is 40 calories, 12 grams of sugar and 10 grams of carbs less than those by Mars Inc. Ultimately, there’s 1G more fat, but Unreal also provides more fiber and protein, which is nice to see.

Unreal #8

Unreal #8 doesn’t quite look like a Snickers bar

I wasn’t over-the-moon for either Unreal #5 or Unreal #8. These candy bars were noticeably smaller and had a rather genetic appearance. They were both exactly the same size and shape and kind of boxy. Both Milky Way and Snickers have sort of lumpy appearances. That sounds unappealing, but it actually makes me like the looks of them more. OF course, this isn’t all about appearances. How did the candy bars taste?

A little dry to be honest. They both seriously lacked the gooey or creamy goodness that you’d expect from the well-known brands. This is probably the one area where they cut down on sugar, calories, fat and carbs, but it make the Snickers bar especially less enjoyable. There seemed to be more peanuts (yay for protein) but they almost seemed out of balance with the rest of the ingredients. My mouth became pretty dry, and I didn’t enjoy the whole Unreal #8 experience.

I don’t eat Milky Ways frequently. I’m more of a fan of Twix bars or Three Musketeers (hint hint, Unreal makers!), but I recall Milky Way being perhaps a bit more crunchy. The Unreal #5 bar just didn’t seem to get it quite right to me. It wouldn’t be an unacceptable piece of candy if I wasn’t comparing. Again, the caramel wasn’t nearly gooey or creamy enough, though. However, the Unreal #5 candy bar is probably the “best” for you in terms of comparison to the name brand. The company practically halves all those pesky calories and grams of fat. You can tell, though.

There’s one thing that sets every piece of Unreal candy apart from the name brand: size. I wonder how much the sugar would compare if you were eating identical serving sizes, and I think the differences in calories and sugar would be much less staggering. However, no one’s (probably) going to go eat an extra package of Unreal’s chocolate pieces or an extra half PB cup to even it out. I mean, let’s not bet on it, but if you switch to Unreal Candy, you’re probably going to be reducing serving size a bit. This would be a healthy move overall, and so I think it tends to balance out the comparison even though Unreal’s serving sizes are different than we’re all used to.

If there’s one thing that Unreal Candy gets right, I think it’s the neon-on-black packaging. It’s a little hard to read at first, but, boy, does it stand out! It’s fun and retro and doesn’t look generic in the least, which I think will be important for this brand to succeed. Although I didn’t love every piece of candy I tried, I wouldn’t mind having them all again. I could snack on the chocolate pieces at the movies or serve a candy bar to my friends.

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