My UPS: A Must when Shopping Online

Date Wed, December 10 2014

Now, this might come across as a sponsored post, but trust me when I say it’s not.

Since I’ve moved into a locked building without buzzers, getting packages delivered has been hell. In fact, I’ve written a little poem about it. Our local UPS seems to have an extremely high turnover rate. For over a year, the same driver knew to call me. Even then, packages would disappear because sometimes drivers would leave them in the building or outside the building right next to the street.

I’ve called. I’ve complained. I’ve put up notes with my phone number. Without my phone number. I practically stalk the door when I know I’m expecting a package, which is quite often considering that

a) I review and

b) I shop online a lot.

But companies don’t always send me tacking numbers or add my contact information to the label. I am typically almost always waiting on something. Sometimes I don’t even know it!

A while back I signed up for My UPS. There are a few functions of this service, which has a free option, but there’s one in particular that I enjoy.

You see, you can add your aliases and the names of other people who live with you, and My UPS will track everything being sent to you even if you aren’t emailed a tracking number. From here, you can track, sign up for alerts and schedule shipments. You can also add tracking numbers just in case they don’t get added to your account automatically. I’ve had that happen only once. Not bad, eh?

Track Packages with My UPs

Track Packages with My UPs

I like that I get an email the day before (usually around midnight) informing me of tomorrow’s deliveries, so I can make arrangements to ensure I get them. You can also set up email or text alerts for specific tracking numbers, and you’ll be alerted of missed or successful delivery attempts, so you know when to rush home and open your packages.

My UPS has become so useful to me that I check it almost every day. And I wish that USPS has something similar. Fedex does, I believe, but I don’t use FedEX as much so I have yet to sign up.

If you receive a lot of packages via UPS, I cannot recommend this service enough.

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