UTZ Butterfinger Mini Pretzels (Halloween)

Date Wed, November 7 2012

Utz Butterfinger Mini Pretzels

Utz Butterfinger Mini Pretzels

When I saw these Butterfinger-covered pretzels on Target’s shelves, I couldn’t resist despite the high price tag. Okay, I held out once, but then I headed back and had to get them. I mean, I like chocolate-covered pretzels and Butterfinger flavored ones seemed even better, right?


This product is not only not worth the money, which is okay because you can’t buy them anymore. I couldn’t find a single box after Halloween, so other people were probably fooled. Each box contains quite a few packets of pretzels, but some packets only contain two pretzels each. It sounds like a good treat to give away to costumed kids on Halloween, but they’re be disappointed. I just bought them to snack, and I know I was. However, there are quite a few packets. I’ve snacked on at least a dozen and I still have a handful left. I’d prefer fewer individual packets and more pretzels per serving.

I might be forgiving if these were good, but they really weren’t. That is, they’re not awful, but they taste nothing like Butterfingers. It’s a salty, chocolatey treat but it’s nothing special. I can easily buy chocolate-covered pretzels in bulk for less. Plus, I could even make them for fairly cheap and without a lot of effort. Simply pound up some candy bars, melt them and cover pretzels. It would probably be more fun, too.

I am rarely so wrong about the potential of a product, but I am positive that it wasn’t worth what I spent — $10 or so.

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