V8 V-Fusion Juice

Date Mon, January 4 2010

I keep seeing commercials for V8 V-Fusions which remind me to write this review. In fact, those commercials are the reason I bought the juice in the first place. There’s a couple versions but, in both, there are some folks with counters above their heads and these counters are stuck at 0 because the people are somehow avoiding their veggies. Enter V8 V-Fusions which allows them to get a “serving of vegetables hidden by a serving of fruit.” Well, I don’t much like vegetables so I gave it a try.

I picked Rasberry Goji flavour and it’s just not any good. It doesn’t taste anything like raspberry and it’s barely drinkable. Ryan sad he’d tried it before and not liked it but I don’t recall. I wish I did so I could have saved the money.

The first few weeks I was sick so I didn’t even have my full sense of taste but I could still tell this juice was disgusting. It tastes exactly like they are trying to cover the taste of vegetables (tomato was evident) with fruit, and failing. Like anything that tastes bad and has flavour added to it (medicine, anyone?), I was not impressed. After my taste returned, I was appalled. The bottle has been sitting in the fridge for over a month and I highly doubt I’ll finish it.

Good idea from V8 but the only way it will work is because V-Fusion juice may actually taste worse than the vegetables I don’t like.

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