Venus Swirl Razor

Date Wed, October 14 2015

I’ve been curious about the Venus Swirl Razor since I first saw it on the shelves. The ball design where the blade meets the handle reminds me of a Dyson vacuum. In my mind, this would provide as much movement as the vacuum do, and I wondered how well this work.

I recently was able to pick up a Venus Swirl Razor thanks to some coupons for CVS. Y’all know how much I love shopping there. I saved over $20 on that trip, so I can’t complain. I just picked up the razor with a single blade to try. You can actually get a handle with two blades for less than $12 on Amazon.

I was surprised to realize that the Venus Swirl razor doesn’t move as freely as a Dyson. Instead, that ball joint provides just a bit of side to side movement, so the blade can tilt to the left or right as you move it across your skin. I imagine this would be best in situations where you’ve got a curve — around your calf, for example — so that the blade can tilt correctly even if your hand isn’t holding the razor exactly parallel.

I don’t really notice any movement during use, but I did try to lightly hold my finger over the ball to verify that it was moving — and it was. It’s a very slightly movement, however, only a few millimeters to either side. When I first took it out of the package, it was quite squeaky and stiff, so I had to move the blade back and forth to get it to loosen up. It moves freely, now.

Aside from that, Gillette is incorporating a 5-blade razor with the Venus Swirl. This is the same number of blades on the Venus Embrace razor — and their competitor’s Hydro Silk Razor. Read my review for that here. The shave of the Venus Swirl seems pretty comparable to the Venus Embrace. It’s good on my legs, but just doesn’t seem to get quite as close around curves, despite the moving head of the razor. Gillette describes them as the most flexible blades yet, but I just can’t help but prefer my Hydro Silk over all.


Like other Venus blades, this includes a thick strip of moisture around the entire head that is activated by water. The company is calling this a “Moistureglide Serum.” After the first use, I really didn’t notice it, however. The Venus Divine razor seemed to be more effective at moisturizing, and I’m still going to use shaving cream on sensitive areas. There’s also a “comb” to guide hair toward the razors for a closer shave.

The razor has a much larger head, because of the moisture strips which I typically don’t like. Sometimes when I’m shaving sometimes curvy like under my arm, the razor likes to tip up and the edge catches on my skin. This has often been my experience with larger razor blades, which is why I don’t often buy them.

The handle of the Venus Swirl razor should fit any Venus razor blades if you prefer another type. As for me, I think I’ll keep it as a backup, but will prefer my Hydro Silk for regular shaving.

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