Victorias Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

Date Fri, May 9 2008

Recently, I made an order through Victoria’s Secret and had a promo code for a free sample of the Beauty Rush Lip Gloss. I’m not a huge lip gloss fan but I figured it couldn’t hurt, especially since it was free.

When all my packages arrived, I was pleasantly surprised with the lip gloss. The 4 scents – Cherry Bomb, Sugar High, Grapefruit Blast and Toasty Almond – were cute .28 Oz tubes nestled snugly inside a very sleek looking box that remind me of a Christmas present! With the box – a shiny pink lid printed with LIP CANDY (in a very disco-esque fashion, might I add) over a shiny silver tray which lines with a glittery pink foil which can be seen through the clear plastic tray holding the glosses – so impressive, I couldn’t wait to try the glosses themselves!

I’m happy to say I absolutely adore 3 of these scents: Cherry Bomb, Sugar High and Grapefruit Blast. I was shocked by the last one; I’m usually not a fan of grapefruit.
What can I say? I love scents but not all scents.

Overall, the 4 glosses have strong scents to appeal to any discerning nose and a sweet flavour for those compulsive lip-lickers like myself. The glosses are thick and slightly sticky which might be a turn off for anyone you are kissing and will certainly attract any hair blowing in the wind.

To break it down, both Grapefruit Blast and Cherry Bomb – a pretty pink and deep red, respectively – had delicious scents that were sweeter than the natural counterparts are without losing the fruity origins. Sugar High, a glittery white like snow, is a tantalizing scent reminiscent of homemade sugar cookies. I found these glosses absolutely addicting!

However, something went wrong with Toasty Almond. I must not be the only one to think so as it’s no longer listed on the Victorias Secret site. I wasn’t sure about it from its golden brown colour to its a-little-too strong nutty/coffee scent but gave it a go anyway. I wish I hadn’t. Once on the lips, all I could smell was something not-quite-like-horribly-burned-almonds. This was definitely I didn’t want myself or anyone else tasting or smelling on my lips and I quickly removed it. A second try revealed it to be not quite as offensive but still far from pleasant.

All the glosses are sheer with just a tiny hint of colour and lots of glitter to make your lips sparkly! Because the glosses are sheer, I thin they’d be great for daytime wear. Yet, because they are sparkly, they would also turn your lips up a notch for a night on the town.

Like most glosses, they don’t seem to last very long and will rub off on food, glasses, other people et cetera. I would recommend reapplying rather frequently but the alluring scent will be enough to do that anyway!

I would recommend most of these scents to anyone looking for a fun, flirty lip gloss. I would try out most of the fruity glosses Victoria’s Secret has in its collection in the future; I was definitely impressed!

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  1. Ronald G June 26 2014 @ 3:22 am

    A very comprehensive and honest appraisal..not just a insincere proclamation of it’s success.

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