Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Push-Up Bra

Date Tue, March 5 2013
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Push-Up Bra

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Push-Up Bra in Ink Blot

What can I say but that I am a sucker for things that make me feel pretty? And this bra does! I bought it as a gift for myself on Valentine’s Day, and I’ve mostly loved it since. There’s a few caveats, but let’s start with the awesome.

I tend to browse online to find the colors I’m most interested in to save time at the store.  At the time, the site only had the tiny swatch for Ink Blot blue. Trust me when I say that it’s gorgeous — even moreso in person than the new product shots. The other design I pondered about was this one, which just turned out too be a little too busy and watermelon-colored for me. I wanted more than satin but less than, well, that.

The Ink Blot is blue satin on the exterior with black “sling” lace around the bottom and sides of the cups. The band itself is blue as well. There’s a small black “rhinestone” like jewel between the cups. It’s subtle and not tacky in my opinion. The satin doesn’t continue into the cups. Instead, it’s a soft cotton-like material. I like satin interiors, but this feels just comfortable against my skin. Another thing I noticed about the interior of this bra is a material behind the strip of fabric between the cups. I’ve had more than one bra break in half at this point, and Victoria’s Secret seems to have reinforced this with something a little more sturdy. I’m not sure what, but it’s a change that I approve of.

This bra is rated for “extreme lift” and it doesn’t disappoint. In fact, the new padding is softer and both looks and feels more natural while still providing ample cleavage. It seems more noticeable than my t-shirt bra. I like it a lot. Another change that the company has incorporated is new hooks for the bra straps itself. I’ve had a lot of trouble with convertible straps coming loose randomly. It’s no fun. This new design is two-step and more difficult to come undone. It’s not foolproof, however, and the hooks weren’t done up correctly when I left the store, so you’ll need to make sure they are before you wear it. Unfortunately, the new hook style really irritated my skin at first. It left red welts. Although I didn’t do anything, it just stopped hurting eventually. I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m glad because the rest of this bra is so comfortable.

Compared to my t-shirt bra, this one has a wider band. It might feel more supportive if you’ve well-endowed in the chest. The design uses the same double strap. Because the satin is on top, you can reasonably wear this under a t-shirt or similar, thin top. The lace is delicate itself, so it doesn’t show through that I’ve noticed. This makes the Very Sexy Push-Up Bra good for every day use for me.

While I like this bra and perhaps more than most others, I’m not sure I like it enough to spend the extra $22.50 over the other VS bra I own.

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Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Push-Up Bra

Date Mon, March 4 2013

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