Vitagoods Spin for Perfect Skin Brush

Date Mon, September 2 2013
Spin for Perfect Skin

Spin for Perfect Skin

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been using a bath pouf in the shower. I buy a color that I don’t hate, and then I use it until it falls apart. I mean really falls apart. It’s a good scheme. One or two dollars at a time, and I’m making these people some serious money.

Now, I had never really considered another tool. Spin brushes are all so expensive, you know? It’s kind of ridiculous. However, when the opportunity to write a review for Vitagoods came up, I gave it a second thought. And here I am to share all those thoughts with you.

The  Spin for Perfect Skin system is more affordable than many on the market, and if you keep reading, you’ll get a chance to get one of your own for a seriously discounted price! The brush base comes with 4 different attachments: the body brush, the exfoliating face brush, the soft face brush and the pumice stone.

Let me start by saying that the pumice stone is kind of useless if you have any seriously dry or callused skin. Because it spins, you can’t get the pressure you need to slough away that skin. I actually had a similar device from Avon just for feet years ago and stopped using it for that very reason. I’d rather use a regular pumice stone that I can vigorously scrub.

The two facial brushes are much smaller. The exfoliating brush really is soft enough for daily use. In fact, I do use it every day, but the gentle brush is super soft. The bristles are definitely soft enough to lose their shape if you store it with the brush pushed up against something, which I did experience. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s sometime to take note of. The instructions do say to reform the bristles and let them dry if any of them bend. Thus far, that soft brush is the only one I’ve had any issues with, but I do imagine that you’ll have problems if you use the spin brush for a long period of time.

The brush that I use the most is the body brush, however. It’s got a diameter of about 3 inches, and it seems to use the same bristles as the exfoliating facial brush. I’ve used this every day, and I like it for a couple reasons. The spinning allows you to get a good scrub with little action from yourself. Of course, if you hold it too firmly, the spinning stops, and you can use it for scrubbing if you turn the button off — there’s only two positions: on and off, so there’s a single speed. The spinning feels pretty good overall, but I really enjoy the body brush on my upper back and shoulders. The extra length from the handles means there’s no place that I can’t reach, and the brush actually feels like it’s scratching an itch on my back that I love. The body brush is potentially a little large to clean some places, but I’ve used it every day anyway.

Spin brush and attachments

Spin brush and attachments

All of the heads snap into place and easily pull straight off. The brushes lather well with a little water thanks to the spinning motion. The Spin for Perfect Skin Brush might be good for saving a little product because of this. I seem to use less soap than I would with my shower pouf. Of course, the idea is that you can get an even deeper clean. I’m not sure that this is necessarily true, but brushes can get closer to pores and the rotating dos create movement like a pouf can’t.  The site declares it can massage away fine lines. Fortunately, I don’t have any. However, the brush is a bit more abrasive than a pouf, so you’ll be exfoliating your entire body.

Of course, this is water resistant, and I’ve been using it in the shower. The spin brush uses 4AA batteries. It does seem a bit much, but I bet they’re last quite a while. The brush does have a bit of a whine while it’s rotating — at 380 RPM. However, it’s nothing that I can’t live with.

Is there anything that could make the spin brush better? Yes. I would like to see some sort of cover to make the brushes themselves a bit more portable, but it’s already fairly portable as is.

The Spin for Perfect Skin Brush retails for $99.99, but you can get it for $39.99 if you use the code Cole7T if you purchase it directly from VitaGoods.

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