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I’ve never been head-over-heels for wall decals, but I’ve also never had a space where I thought they’ fit really well. As I’ve been making myself at home in the new apartment, I’ve been considering ways to fill up my walls. I don’t have many photos because I’ve no partner or children, but I want to fill my walls anyway. I’ve been considering different art projects that would let me do this, but it wasn’t until I discovered WallPop that I really gave decals a second thought. ¬†The site has a lot of variety. I liked all the sophisticated patterns, but they also have FatHeads and even dry erase wall decals. There’s even some chandeliers, which are pretty common. Other types and designs that WallPops carries include:

  • Mosaic on Window

    Mosaic on Window


  • Superheroes
  • Mirrors
  • Wall clocks
  • Borders

I never knew that so many decal options existed before. I definitely had a difficult time ¬†choosing. I really wish I had glass cabinet, office or shower doors because I’d so use the mosaic design, which protects against sun rays and adds a bit of privacy. It’s a great solution if your living or bedroom is right on the street but you don’t want to close the curtains all the time. In fact, I bet you could put up some fake window panels and just put these on your wall.

I finally settled on the “Tangier” pattern and ordered it in “blox.” This cut gives you four squares of your design, and the specific design is black on a white background. There’s a central pattern and corner “dings.” This lets you set them up side by side, stagger them or do as I did and line them up like “stairs.” I didn’t intend to use this. I figured I’d do staggered window panes — 2 x 2 — but it just didn’t look as fantastic as I thought.

The process was more difficult than intended, what with measuring and crooked walls. My end result isn’t perfect, and I’ll probably keep redoing it, but it’s a nice use of space that I probably wouldn’t have done anything with before. And if I ever get sick of it, I can simply move them to another room. The following shot is the finished image. I didn’t use flash because it over-saturated the image. This makes the difference between the wall color and the decal more obvious than it actually is. The angle also makes them look more crooked than they are.

The alignment was really the biggest concern. It’s hard to get them to look at good as they do in product shots, but I’m no pro, either. The peel and stick meant I didn’t have to worry, though. It was easy enough to take them down and reposition, even if my sense of “straight” sucks. LOL

Tangier Blox from WallPops

Tangier Blox from WallPops

These particular decals don’t peel off backwards. They’re just large, reusable stickers, which means that the background is part of them. I figured this wouldn’t be a big deal because it would be white on white, but it is a little noticeable. I think the fact that the decals are so smooth and my walls are rather textured doesn’t help. In fact, one part of my wall stabbed right through the decal, and this makes me sad. It’s not the first time I’ve had issues with my bathroom wall.

Anyway, this wouldn’t look good on a wall of any other color unless you somehow framed them. The white “dot” style would work better, so it’s important for you to consider which shape of the design best fits your needs. Of course, the different shapes means you can use more than just one to really finish off a room. I think these decals are great for letting your child customize a room, too. My sister always wants different things painted on, but colored paint can be so difficult to cover up.

Here’s the real selling point. If you want to do something like this, there’s no telling whether you’ll like it, but WallPops has some really good prices. Everything I looked at was under $20. Plenty of options are under $15. I am very likely going to purchase more, now.

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  1. Amberr Meadows December 12 2012 @ 9:02 am

    I think you did a surprisingly good job aligning the decals. They look great. Mine would have been a mess!

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