Weruva Cat Litter

Date Tue, January 26 2016


I always forget how much I don’t like non-clay cat litters until I review them.

I’ve used a number of wood cat litters, now, and they keep failing me.

The larger pellet sizes make it difficult to sift, almost impossible really. They also don’t clump nearly as well as smaller pieces. I find myself sitting there and just chucking so much cat litter because there’s no easy way to clean the litter box. So I put it off much longer than I should. I also recently discovered that large pellets of lightweight material don’t work well at all with litterbox liners, allowing the liner to shift.

Strike 1

Wood smells good right out of the container, but that’s about it. Weruva Cat Litter, in particular, doesn’t do a good job with smells from solid particles, mostly because it doesn’t clump well. And it develops this weird sickly sweet smell over time.

Strike 2

The pellets of Weruva Cat Litter are so much more messy than regular cat litters. They’re big and noticeable when cats track them, and the cats seem to track them much more.

Strike 3

I’d also like to point out how this 11.7 pound bag really only lasts about two fills of the litter box. Large pellets means you clear out much more cat litter when scooping, even if you have a sifting litter liner or a scooper with bigger holes than mine. You’re going to refill more often to keep the litter box properly filled. I was surprised but just how quickly this litter was used. If I had the same volume of clay litter, it would be heavier, but it would also last much longer.

If there was any doubt, I prefer clay-based cat litters almost all the time to other materials. I enjoy that people are experimenting, but there’s just nothing that seems to do it as well as clay.. yet.

Thanks to Chewy for sending me Weruva Cat Litter to review. Although I can’t recommend it, Chewy does carry Tidy Cats Small Spaces, which is one of my favorite cat litters!


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