WordBrain 2

Date Fri, August 11 2017

Recently, I’ve taken to playing a few word games on my phone. The first was a sponsored ad on Facebook, but I quickly grew tired of the monotonous game play and frequent ads. The dictionary was also limited, which means I was sometimes smarter than the app.

Still, it reignited an interest. I’m a bit of a wordy person. Most bloggers are, heh. But I wasn’t quite looking for a social game. I’ve played the back-and-forth games. You always wind up waiting on someone or being the person that someone is waiting on, and it gets monotonous. I just want something that I can log into when I want but that won’t be boring because it lacks social features.

Enter WordBrain. This game does a few things differently. For starters, you’re not just looking for words. Instead, you’re looking for words related to a theme, which is both helpful and challenging.

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Each game consists of a grid. Using each letter once, you find between two and four words related to the theme. Another element that adds to the challenge is that order matters. When you remove a word, letter tiles fall downward, meaning that you can only find some words after you find the words that come first.

There are five levels per each theme. As you find words, you unlock hints or the ability to spin for hints. I find that I’m able to play for a good chunk of time before i’ve used up all the hints and need to put the game down to recharge. It’s a good balance for me.

I’ve progressed over 20% through the game at this point. The grid size increases with each set of words, so you may have to find more words or those that are longer.

Eventually, I’ll reach the end, but WordBrain has a pace that I find quite enjoyable, so I imagine this game will be fun until I finish it.

Get WordBrain 2 from Google Play and Amazon.

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