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Date Sat, March 10 2012


Writer Access

Writer Access

Writer Access is a website that I discovered a while . I registered as a writer and performed the writing test so I was rated and receiving updates of new titles; however, I was mostly writing for Demand Media so I didn’t really spend a lot of time getting to know the ins and outs of the website. Unlike Demand, Writer Access simply connects third-party clients with writers. The system ranks writers,  and writers can select any of the available titles at or below their rating. This is very similar to Text Broker, another website  I have been using more frequently.

However, Writer Access definitely has one problem: there aren’t a lot of titles. At any given time, I really wasn’t seeing any titles. I would receive an email about available titles, but others would snatch them up in, literally, seconds. Timing is defnitely crucial with Writer Access. It’s not that it isn’t crucial on other websites but it’s even more crucial when there are so few titles.

Luckily, the system has a few features that help the writer. Clients can post casting calls, describing specific projects for which they need writers. As a writer, I have applied to and been accepted to specific casting calls. If the clients like me, they can add me to their “Love List.” Love list assignments only appear to that select group of writers, and I now have access to more articles that are right up my alley and have better pay.

The pay rates on Writer Access are lower than I am accustomed to. However, not by much. Writer Access offers 2.38 cents per word at level 3, for example. Text Broker offers just one center per word at the same rate. So, a 500-word article earns about $12 while an 800-word article earns about $19. Of course, higher rated articles go for a higher rate. 800 words really is no big deal when I’m writing about a techie subject that I find personally interesting.

After being added to the love lists, I’ve had some assignments that I really enjoy. I’ve also responded to a few very specific casting calls for only one writer. As long as I’m diligent at checking casting calls, I think I’ll be okay. However, I am having a difficult time catching some titles that post very early in the morning. I’ve made some money, however, and for that I am glad. Writer Access pays via PayPal once monthly and uses an electronic W-9 system, which is more user friendly than that of Text Broker.

Not everyone has has luck with Writer Access but it can be useful if you know how to work it.

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