Yes Man!

Date Sat, January 17 2009

One of the best movies I’ve seen recently and the best Jim Carrey movie in the last 10 years was Yes Man. This movie was consistently funny and Jim Carrey, as Carl Allen, was joined by a good cast including the ever good looking Bradley Cooper and, charming as always, Zooey Deschanel.

In this flick, Carl is a banker, somewhat recently separated from his wife, whose life is going nowhere fast. Carl spends his time lounged on his couch, miserable as he watches TV and ignoring phone calls from even his best friend. At the urging of an old acquaintance, Carl attends an inspirational meeting where he is convinced to say “yes” to everything. Antics ensue and, eventually, we come to wonder, along with Carl, whether this is a smart plan of action.

True to older Carrey movies, I found myself laughing myself nearly to tears in several places. Jim Carrey’s unique facial and vocal expressions fill the big screen once more, reminding us of the comedies of old. Yet, the plot strings together funny moment after funny moment with touching sentiments as Jim Carrey’s character develops a relationship with Ms. Deschanel’s. The movie balances these moments well, producing cinema which is entertaining and neither too shallow nor confusingly complex.

Through it all, the moral shines through without being too preachy. Stepping outside our routine and comfort xzone by saying yes to new experiences can really enlighten our lives.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and think it’s one of Jim Carrey’s big ones. Judging from others’ reactions in the theatre, I am not the only one. I will likely pick it up when the movie is released on DVD.

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