Yummy in my tummy

Date Sun, May 10 2009

A while back, I wrote about Domino’s pasta. Hint: it’s good. Really good. (And since Ryan doesn’t like Domino’s, I have to enjoy it while I can). If you’ve noticed, Domino’s has made their pasta even better with their pasta bread bowls which sounds like exactly what it is: pasta in a bread bowl. I had to try it. And so do you.

The bread bowl tastes like bread sticks, toasty and salty with the Parmesan style “topping”. Inside the bowl is a nice sized helping of creamy pasta for a very filling meal. The pasta is still as good as ever and you have your choice of flavors. It’s so good that I wonder why someone didn’t think to put pasta and bread sticks together before!

If you order online right now, you’ll save $1 so go ahead and try it!

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