Zep Commercial Cleaning Products Review

Date Wed, November 19 2014

First, thanks to Crowdtap and Zep for a chance to try new products.

Before this opp, I had never heard of Zep. I was likely to get cleaning products from the chemical aisle in Walmart, and I do a lot of my cleaning with disinfecting wipes because they’re so handy.

Zep Cleaning Products

Zep Cleaning Products

I received trial sizes of Zep’s Quick Clean Disinfectant spray and All-Around Oxy Cleaner and Degreaser from Crowdtap. The timing was great, too, as I had just run out of other cleaning agents, and I really needed to give my microwave a good scrub.

I started with the disinfectant spray, giving door knobs, handles, remote controls and nooks and crannies a good spray. The sample bottle produced a light mist that quickly dried. It smelled lightly clean but not like the product was actually scented. Some of those disinfectant sprays smell strong so this was nice.

Now, I lack a black light or science lab to test how well this product works, but it’s supposed to kill 99.9% of bacteria within five seconds including the flu virus, HIV, Staph, Klebsiella pneumonia and Parvovirus, which is pretty good news. Some disinfectants require them to be on the surface for two to ten minutes, so seconds is a great improvement!

Directions say to wipe clean with a cloth, but I’ve mostly been letting is air dry. Although this is intended for non-porous surfaces — think glazed tile, glass or stainless steel, I did give my bathroom rug a spray and experienced no negative side effects. Awesome!

The second product I received is the All-Around Oxy Cleaner & Degreaser, which came in the same spray bottle. I prepped my microwave by boiling a cup of water with baking soda. Typically, I would wipe it down with a disinfecting wipe, but I sprayed this cleanser and used paper towels instead. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with the cleaning power. It didn’t seem to be that much better than my previous method, and I wound up spraying three or four times before I finished.

However, I do like that All-Around Oxy Cleaner & Degreaser can be used on multiple surfaces, hard or soft, to remove grease and stains. That means it’s just as good on carpet or upholstery as it is on counters and appliances! You can use it for stains including:

  • Red wine
  • blood
  • fruit juice
  • food stains
  • urine
  • dirt

One thing I did notice was a stronger smell than the disinfectant; although, the product page states there are no “harsh fumes.” I’m not sure I would call it exactly harsh, but it’s noticeable to my nose.

Of the two products, I’m more inclined to keep using Zep’s disinfectant spray because it works a little better for me.

You can find Zep products on Amazon and in your local Home Depot, Walmart and Lowe’s stores!

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  1. garnet staley May 11 2017 @ 11:44 am

    can I have trial sizes of this for free in exchange for a review

  2. Cole May 15 2017 @ 11:49 pm

    Hi Garnet, I will be editing your comment to remove your address as you commented in a public forum, not a contact form. Furthermore, I am simply a blogger who has worked with this company, not the company itself as you can obviously see from my website. It’s not the Zep site. If you’d like to get products to review from companies, you can try Influenster (www.influenster.com/r/121785) or Crowdtap (https://crowdtap.com)

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