Zim’s Max Cold Sore Kit

Date Fri, May 6 2016

I’ve been hanging onto the Zim’s Max Cold Sore Kit for some time waiting for a chance to review it. And that chance finally hit last week. Thanks to Zim’s, I was prepared, however.

The Cold Sore Kit consists of two pieces. The first part of the kit is a lip balm, which you can use daily to keep your lips soft and moist — kissable, even! It feels similar to chapstick with a bit of a waxy feeling. The active ingredient in this is Petrolatum, making it a petroleum based product. There’s a slight scent to this, but I’m not quite sure what it is.

The Cold Sore ointment itself comes in a tube with a smaller tip. It’s silky and white, similar to Blistex. The active ingredient is also Petrolatum for moisturizing your lips after the first signs of a cold sore. This is more intended to soften the infected skin and make it more comfortable, which may prevent it from becoming too dry, ugly and noticeable. It doesn’t tingle like some products, but it definitely did a good job moisturizing.

I’m not sure if the ointment helped speed up the duration of my cold sore. Mine are already so quickly lived that I go from feeling it coming on to scabbing over within 48 hours. If you do have longer-lived cold sores, then you might want to consider a produce that specifically contains medication once you realize you’ve got a cold sore. One of the inactive ingredients is listed as extract propolis act, which can help against bacteria, which you certainly don’t want to deal with when you’re also having a cold sore outbreak.

But I would probably reach for something a little stronger if I was experiencing a particularly stubborn cold sore. Orajel has a single-dose medication that I found effective.

I first received this kit to try a few months ago. Because I knew that I tend to get  cold sores when I get colds, I expected to use it much sooner than I actually did! In fact, I made it all winter without a breakout and my cold was almost done by the time I felt a cold sore coming on. It wasn’t particularly painful from the getgo, but the Zim’s products did help. The lip balm can certainly be used as long as you’d like moist, soft lips.

It seems like Zim’s no longer offers the duo directly on its site, however. You can still find it on Amazon, but you can only purchase the cold sore ointment by itself. This works well if you already have a lip balm that you enjoy. Zim’s does have another lip care duo, however. It includes the Crack Stick Lip Moisturizer in Vanilla and the Arnica & Aloe Vera Lip Formula SPF 15 in Cherry.

I’m not sure how long the Cold Sore Kit will still be available on Amazon, but it costs less than $20. Even if you don’t need it now, you can buy it and keep it in your medicine cabinet until you do need it — just like I did,

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