Zim’s Max-Freeze Continuous Spray

Date Mon, July 28 2014

When I agreed to review a couple items for Zim’s, I was more excited about the crack cream. When I got the Max-Freeze Continuous Spray in the mail, I thought “Now, when am I going to need this?”

I guess I don’t have muscle pain lately, but an increase in walking, other exercises and a possible pulled muscle in my neck have given me the perfect opportunity to try out this product. In fact, when aspirin was no longer cutting it, I was looking around and remembered it. Day saved!

So this is a continuous spray product like sun block. It comes out very cold — like dust off. There’s a very strong smell of mint since the active ingredient in menthol. This is a common ingredient when it comes to cooling, and boy does it! The chill lasts for quite some time. I am happy to say that it works well on muscle pain — at least for a while. The bottle says not to use it more than 4 times a day, so it’s not for super serious pain in my opinion.

Zims Max Freeze Continuous Spray

Zims Max Freeze Continuous Spray

According to the description, you can use it for the following treatments:

  • Sore Muscles & Muscle Sprains
  • Back, Shoulder, Neck Pain
  • Painful Ankle, Knee, Hip & Elbow Joints
  • Muscular Strains

The spray doesn’t leave residue, and I like that it’s a light mist. Because I’ve been having neck/back of the head pain, this works well. No one wants to put a greasy product like icy hot there. I can spray this in my hair, and I don’t notice it.

Of course, any spray like this can be flammable. Make sure you don’t light it on fire (duh). Be careful not to inhale it. Because it contains alcohol, it might hurt a bit if you have any open wounds.

I did try it after shaving and while it felt colder, it didn’t irritate my legs.

Before trying Zim’s Max-Freeze Continuous Spray, I’d never really used anything like this. I’ve used Icy Hot and the like but didn’t really like it. It’s messy and feels weird. This feels good, makes no mess and works.

I’d also never heard of the brand, but you can buy it from the official site, Walgreens and Amazon for less than $8.

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  1. adAstra @Flexines July 28 2014 @ 11:49 pm

    I love their cream version of this. While the smell is rather strong, I find it fades after a few hours and it also washes off hands far more comfortably than Icy Hot for me (the Icy Hot feels freezing while washing and still feels too warm for awhile after.) I bet the cold factor in this spray would be perfect for calming a fresh, minor injury.

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