Buyer’s Remorse

Date Mon, December 28 2015

I guess sometimes the prospect of things is just more exciting than what you wind up with after the way is over. Take, for example, my recent order from Victoria’s Secret. I was excited to learn than the Secret Reward Card i’d earned from a purchase a few weeks back was worth $50. It’s enough for most of a bra or quite a few pairs of undies, neither of which I was in need of. So I opted to get some bath and body products instead.

I’ve not used any body product from VS for quite some time, and I was looking at some lotions, washes and scrubs in scents I hadn’t tried at all. MY local VS doesn’t carry them in store, but I was fine buying them online. I figured I could just return them if I need to. Easy, right?

Well, no.

It took me days to even check out. You probably saw my quips on Facebook. It was hard to believe! I was seriously worried that the redemption period would end before anything was back in stock. In the time that it took to add something to my cart and check out, multiple things would go out of stock. Every.single.time. Seriously frustrating.

I mean, I get that it’s Christmas shopping season and that thousands — maybe millions? — of people are trying to redeem these cards, but I was pretty unimpressed. It literally took me to the final hours of the last day to get what I want because I was waiting on one specific product… or so I thought.

In all the hubbub, I wound up buying the same thing twice, and one of them was backordered. When the first order arrived, I was excited. I didn’t expect it to make it in time for Christmas. I opened everything and was quickly disappointed. Everything I bought was either in shea or coconut milk scent, but almost all of it was awful. Who likes such perfumey and heavy scents? I mean, isn’t that only for old women, honestly? The type who don’t shop at VS?!

I gave the body wash and scrub one go before decided I hated it. I didn’t like how my skin smelled or felt, and it left my shower with a weird chemical cosmetic smell. I’m familiar with the smell but it was just so strong.

While checking my tracking for the last item, which had been backordered, I realized I’d bought two of the same product in the scent I didn’t like. d’oh!

fortunately, it wasn’t all a wash (pardon the pun!). The coconut milk body lotion is less perfumey and a little more sweet, like I like. And the shea body butter, which was so popular that I almost couldn’t but it (in fact, it’s not even listed now!), is whipped and thick and leaves my skin feeling like silk.

I’ve already returned the other two things, and I’m not too disappointed overall. Christmas, December and 2015 have been good to me in other ways. I suppose I was being a little unrealistic in that I ordered products I’d never tried before, and I’m not out considering that everything was technically free. But I was not  expecting to be quite so unsatisfied!

Anyway, I’ll be finished up a bunch of reviews until the end of the calendar year, then posting my annual Best Of list after the new year as I play catch up!

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