Date Fri, February 19 2016

I write this not as an affiliate or someone who stands to gain anything. I’m just an excited consumer.

You see, that body wash I love? The one they stopped making/shipping to the USA? The one I searched far and wide to find the last three bottles in existence and had to have a friend ship them to me from the UK? But then they weren’t quite right?

Yea, that body wash!

It’s back!

Cake Beauty redesigned their site and has updated shipping prices. As a result, I am not able to buy the Milk Made shower froth directly from them, and I invested in a whole liter of it!

Sure, it costs more than body wash from the drug store, but I was reminded why I fell in love with this product to begin with! It smells great. It’s silky smooth and froths like crazy. It leaves my skin feeling soft and even seems to help with acne.

Is there anything more a person needs? I’m not so sure!

Seriously, just love!

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